Soko Štark, Prima redesign

Prima sticks are one of the leading products in the Soko Štark portfolio, present on the market for over 4 decades. The lack of marketing activities put Prima, the synonim for salty sticks, into the position of a market follower. The new management of Soko Štark asked for the redesign of Prima sticks as a means of brand rejuvenation and the creation of a platform that would enable category development.
Due to the lack of communication with consumers, only the letters Prima and the red colour were the points of brand recognition, therefore the design couldn’t undergo a major change. On the other hand, the main competitor Pardon occupied the position of a “sophisticated” brand, so Prima needed to stay a brand for wider population. Unibrand proposed a restyled Prima logo and a more fresh product shot. The description “Snacks” was added to the logo, thus making Prima the master brand for the whole category.
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