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Although Chipsy is the best-selling potato chips brand on the Serbian market, in order to maintain its leadership position, Marbo has recognized the right time to refresh this brand and pave the way for future development. We’ve been tasked with the development of new designs for existing products within the Chipsy portfolio, as well as to develop a brand architecture that will allow us to create a stable platform for new products within the portfolio.

The process of revitalizing the Chipsy brand began with the development of brand architecture, as well as visual harmonization that would introduce a clear system of hierarchy between the elements on the packaging and the relationship between the corporate and the product brand. Unification of products within the portfolio has contributed to the enhancement of the Chipsy brand recognition at points of sale, as well as the creation of a synergetic effect, which has transferred the value of one product to other products and the corporate brand. This way, a stable platform was created for the development of new flavors and products.

Following the incredible success of the Chipsy brand, Marbo embarked on the development of a new category of healthier snacks in which we have been involved from the beginning through the creation of the name "GUD", as well as brand identity and packaging design. The sleek and simple presentation of the product as well as the very unified design clearly differentiate the product from the competition and indicate that it is part of the Marbo family.

Marbo's initial idea was to make Clipsy a brand for children. As the brand category evolved and as Marbo introduced the new Dini category, which was more child-centered in terms of products and communication, the need for repositioning the Clipsy brand emerged. We were tasked with the challenge of developing the Clipsy brand as a master brand of a category that targets both teens and young people, and which must be flexible enough to support the development of new sub brands.

In order to create a platform for the development of new sub brands within the Clipsy category, the emphasis was placed on developing a highly recognizable visual brand identity for Clipsy, then defining packaging design standards and brand identity so as not to impair brand recognition when developing new products.

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