Kopaonik - The New Energy

There are places whose magic is felt immediately - places that bring us closer to nature and our own inner depths. Gorski Hotel & Spa is one such place.


Everything you dream about all year long is at your fingertips at the Gorski Hotel. From walking the blossoming trails in the spring, to the excitement of skiing on the snow-capped peaks of Kopaonik, from enjoying the pool overlooking the ski slopes, to an unforgettable experience of warmth in every detail of the nature-inspired interior.

We enjoyed creating the visual identity and communication materials that provide the image and the voice of this truly special place. Every detail, from visual identity and outdoor campaign, to brochure and website, reflects the unique spirit of the Gorski Hotel - a place where you are closer to nature, and your inner being. We carefully designed and implemented the spatial signage system in such a way that all its elements fit into the ambience. This completes the impression of staying in the inspiring space created to allow guests to follow the rhythm of the narrative, as well as their own inner rhythm.

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