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Delta Planet Banja Luka – a new must-see shopping destination is attracting visitors from across the region.



Delta Planet Banja Luka is the largest shopping mall in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the heart of the city, it houses the largest retail chains and over one hundred of the world's most famous brands, many of which appear are for the first time on the market of Republika Srpska and B&H.

Our involvement in the project began in the early stages of the facility’s construction by creating Wayfinding / Directions Signage – a system of spatial marking that allows visitors easy navigation and orientation throughout the center.

As part of our support for the shopping mall project, we created and implemented all communication materials, from TV, radio and outdoor campaigns, website design, to branding the space and organizing the grand opening for VIP guests, attended by the highest state leadership, then a second opening for the citizens.

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