Fun&Fit Portfolio strategy, brand architecture, packaging redesign

Fun&Fit Company is the leader in Serbian market in the category of cereals, and their various products are enjoyed by loyal consumers every day. During the last several years their business success was generated through volume superiority compared to the competition, based on the high quality of their products and favourable prices. The new goal of the company is to increase value and to improve equity of Fun&Fit brand, which would generate additional funds for innovation, marketing and winning new markets. A dynamic and loved brand that follows specific neads of modern consumers and their everchanging lifestyle, fulfills all the prerequisites for survival and growth.
The agency task was to develop the packaging concept for all existing as well as the new products, taking into consideration the portfolio brand architecture and its further development. Bearing in mind the popularity of the brand, the idea was to create packaging that will keep some of the elements of the existing Fun&Fit product packaging, while giving it a more modern design and an attractive product visualisation.
Detailed research and monitoring of changing consumer needs resulted in the development of new flavours, as well as new products. As a premium quality special edition muesli, four new flavours have been launched: Caffè, Nuts&Seeds, Mediterranean and Choco&Cookie, with selected ingredients and new packaging design.
As a new growing subcategory, Fun&Fit launched oatmeal in four different flavours, with special ingredients that increase their nutritional value. In a new and striking packaging design, Fun&Fit oatmeal will have the strength to compete with already existing oatmeal brands in the market.
Favoured as breakfast food for generations, Corn flakes appears in new redesigned packaging. This new design talks about a joyful start of your day, the sun and pleasure.
These products correspond with every day needs of consumers that lead dynamic lives, and take care of their own health in a fun and cheerful way.
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