Banca Intesa, Intesa Frendy

Banca Intesa, as the leading bank on the Serbian market and the first bank on the payment cards market, recognized the significance of satisfied customers and decided to develop loyalty program for all their credit cards customers. With the assistance of the loyalty program, Banca Intesa enables their customers to achieve discounts and different benefits during their shopping. Unibrand had a task to develop a brand platform, which should be in harmony with the existing brand image and identity of Banca Intesa and which should successfully launch and position a new program of the bank. Brand platform development included development of the brand identity, style and tone of communication, as well as setting out creative concept of the campaign.
Relying on the values and business principles of Banca Intesa, promoting optimism and always directed to customers, as well as the functional characteristics of the program itself, Unibrand based brand development on the concept of friendship. It was based on the idea that life cannot pass without friends and that friends are those who are always there for us. Payment cards of Banca Intesa with their discounts and benefits present a friend at every shopping occasion. As a result, loyalty program was named Intesa Frendi. Besides positive emotions, which the word friendship recalls, the name and identity are represented in a very warm and cheerful way. The usage of strong and vibrant colours, the development of a very dynamic brand device and smart communication "softened" the customers’ relation to payment cards and positioned Banca Intesa as a bank with which you always win.
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